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Controlled Fermentation Using Autochthonous Lactobacillus plantarum Improves Antimicrobial Potentioal of Chinese Chives against Poultry Pathogens, ANTIBIOTICS-BASEL , 9(7), 386., Damini K.,  Lee W. D., Jung E. S., Niu K, M,.Lee C. H., Kim S. K. (2020). 

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Evaluating the Headspace Volatolome, Primary Metabolites, and Aroma Characteristics of Koji Fermented with Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Aspergillus oryzae. JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND

BIOTECHNOLOGY, 28(8), 1260–1269. Seo, H. S., Lee, S. M., Singh, D., Park, M. K., Kim, Y. S., Shin, H. W.,  Cho, S. A., Lee, C. H. (2018).  


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Metabolomics reveals the effect of garlic on antioxidant- and protease-activities during Cheonggukjang (fermented soybean paste) fermentation. FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL, 82, 86–94.,Oh, D. G., Jang, Y. K., Woo, J. E., Kim, J. S., Lee, C. H. (2016).



Metabolite Profiling Reveals the Effect of Dietary Rubus coreanus Vinegar on Ovariectomy-Induced Osteoporosis in a Rat Model. MOLECULES, 21(2), 149., Lee, M. Y., Kim, H. Y., Singh, D., Yeo, S. H., Baek, S. Y., Park, Y. K., Lee, C. H. (2016). 

Comparison of Metabolites Variation and Antiobesity Effects of Fermented versus Nonfermented Mixtures of Cudrania tricuspidata, Lonicera caerulea, and Soybean According to Fermentation In Vitro and In Vivo. PloS one, 11(2), e0149022. Suh, D. H., Jung, E. S., Park, H. M., Kim, S. H., Lee, S., Jo, Y. H., ... & Lee, C. H. (2016).
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