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Comparison of Metabolites Variation and Antiobesity Effects of Fermented versus Nonfermented Mixtures of Cudrania tricuspidata, Lonicera caerulea, and Soybean According to Fermentation In Vitro and In Vivo. PLoS One. 11(2). e0149022. Suh, D.H., Jung, E.S., ... & Lee C.H. (2016) 

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Over-expression of BvMTSH, a fusion gene for maltooligosyltrehalose synthase and maltooligosyltrehalose trehalohydrolase, enhances drought tolerance in transgenic rice. BMB reports, 47(1), 27. Joo, J., Choi, H. J., Lee, Y. H., Lee, S., Lee, C. H., Kim, C. H., ... & Song, S. I. (2014).
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벼의 생엽절편을 이용한 병원균 억제물질의 대량 스크리닝 방법 개발. Korean J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. Vol, 40(1), 39-42. 박샛별, 이충환, 김태종, 강린우, 이병무, & 김정구. (2012).
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Mass spectrometry-based metabolite profiling and antioxidant activity of Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) in different growth stages. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 60(45), 11222-11228. Lee, S., Do, S. G., Kim, S. Y., Kim, J., Jin, Y., & Lee, C. H. (2012).
Tyrosinase inhibitory compounds isolated from Persicaria tinctoria flower. Journal of Applied Biological Chemistry, 54(1), 47-50. Woo, Y. M., Kim, A. J., Kim, J. Y., & Lee, C. H. (2011).
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